Readings By Chantelle

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I started using Young Living a couple years ago. I have never liked to take medicine, not even aspirins. Like many people, I started using peppermint when I got a headache and I was hooked from there.

Now I use oils for skin, health, cooking and cleaning!

The story behind Thieves. During the plague a group of thieves were caught stealing off the dead but never got sick themselves. Once caught they traded their secret for freedom. And the secret was the herbal blend of thieves. I use thieves on my feet, to clean my house, and yoga mats and studio. I love the smell and diffuse it often.
There are a variety of starter kits available to start your Young Living journey, this is one of them.

The best deal! You get a variety of oils you can use every single day. Sometimes the oils are substituted with flex oils, which just means they are out of stock of one of the regular selection. Its not a bad thing! I love trying new oils and they all have so many wonderful properties. Right down to the seed to seal guarantee. Your oils will be pesticide and chemical free.