Readings By Chantelle

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Readings are meant to help you find clarity and help you discover the potential that is in you. 

The cards, crystal ball, palm and tea leaves all show possible events and are based on what is happening right now. One decision, one small step foward can change those events. When we are aware of our own power to control our lives, there is absolutely nothing that can stop us!

Crystal Ball Readings  I have had some really thrilling results with these readings. The images I have seen are astonishing: words, names, images of people. I have had things show up that you may not truely believe unless it happened to you.

Sometimes the client sees images as well. I welcome you to gaze into the ball as I do your reading. Crystal ball readings are great if you have a lot of questions and are able to concentrate on one thing at a time.

 I prefer new clients to start with a palm, cards or tea leaf. I would definitely recommend someone getting a first time ever reading to choose another reading.

I use a large amethyst crystal ball.

Tea Leaves have amazed me time and time again. I have so many stories of the images that appeared with such accuracy that my faith soars.

 You sip a very small amount of tea while thinking of your question and then tip the cup upside down. I read the images left by the leaves, they form pictures or words and sometimes initials. Depending on where they land or how they look, I can answer your questions. You are also welcome to look in the cup and see images, I will explain the images you see, this often answers your questions even further.

 I use a cup created by Kim Allen from Detroit, Michigan. The pre-printed pictures in the cup can give us even more in depth information.

Tea leaves are a fun and easy class. I offer one day classes to individuals or as a party. Lots of laughs, it's an excellent day with friends.

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Looking for a different reading? I have lots of friends with a variety of skills and abilities.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

-Dr. Wayne Dryer