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Vibrations do not require action.

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on September 3, 2014 at 9:05 AM

I read a great quote by Abraham and Ester Hicks the other day basically saying that we do not have to do anything to attract the things we want in our lives.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have always felt we need to put motion and action behind the things we are wanting to make them happen. (which is exactly what Abraham said we think we need.)

And then like with all other things while I quietly contemplated these words, a man pulled into the driveway honking his horn like crazy and told Chad about the perfect job.

He had been applying for jobs all over, willing to drive miles for it, but was limited by doctors on what he was capable of doing for the time being and was having no luck. He didn't give up, he just hadn't been applying as much lately, and then the perfect job, five minutes away, with perfect pay and the exact amount of hours he was told he could work, dropped in his lap. Hired on the spot and working steady for weeks now.

And I realized the truth in Abraham's words. We don't have to run around setting goals and thinking and planning and becoming frustrated when our plans fail, as most times they at least partially do.

We are beings of vibration, our vibrations attract other vibrations. When our plans fail, often our lives seem to whirl out of control, we get frustrated and feel like nothing ever goes right, these feeling and stress attract more feelings of stress and less and less things go 'right'.

Out of stress, we devise new plans, start new motions, running around trying to find happiness and security. But happiness and security and stress do not vibrate at the same levels. We can't not create happiness out of stress. We create happiness from vibrations of faith, love, kindness and happiness.

The point is, we don't have to make a plan, we don't have to run around making the plan work, what we need we always get in the end. If we could realize this, we wouldn't hold on to the things that don't make us happy, we would hold everything lightly, material possessions, people, jobs- all things that will come in and out of our lives.

It's in faith and love that we find ourselves and our problems melt away. Every negative thing you have in your life, is just a step to the next thing, we learn when we fail, we learn when we succeed. We don't have to have a plan, because there is a plan for us. We only need to do one thing in life, live. Enjoy it. Make the most of it and with that all things fall into place.

God's plans always seem to take longer then ours. He hasn't forgotten about us, maybe, He just doesn't think the things we plan our lives around are so important.

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