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The Karma you Hope on others is Your Karma

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on February 9, 2015 at 3:30 PM

I feel so bad when I see people post how they can't wait for others to get their bad karma. Plain and simple, you are creating bad karma in your own world, not theirs.

You can't hope bad things happen to others and expect good things to happen to you. No matter what they did, hoping to see others hurt and getting satisfaction from it will just create more situations of people hurting you and you getting yours, not the other way around.

There are people who solely do things to hurt others, they use and abuse, you don't need to hope these people get theirs. They do, daily, they have no one they can trust, they are out to hurt and so think everyone is out to hurt them. They lie to get what they want, so they believe we all lie. Believe me, you don't need to create negative vibes hoping their life sucks, it already does, that's why they are out hurting people.

If you want to meet people who won't lie and hurt you. If you want people in your life who want the best for you, then you have to want the best for others. Not a select few whom you happen to like and are not angry with at the moment, but all people all the time. You can't have both, you can't hope for bad for others and expect to have people who hope for good for you in your life. It's not how the world works. If you hope for others to suffer you will suffer.

You can not let the actions of others dictate who you are. You will meet people who hurt you, so do you let them make you like them or do you stand by who you are?

Hope your enemies are happy, hope the people who hurt you find love. If you want to change the world, change yourself. You want peace then be it. You want acceptance then give it. You want love, then love everyone; and true, accepting love will come to you.

The karma you hope on others is your karma.

Namaste my friends, may you learn to love and let go of hurt, may you wish the best for all, including those who screwed you over and in that, may you find the peace and love that is God.


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