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True happiness.

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on September 3, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Sometimes, I meet friends that say I'm going to change their lives. This is always scares me, of course I'm flattered and want to help but no matter what I can not change your life. I can help you see things in a new way, I can help you and listen to you. I can give you advice, but I can't change your life. When your life is good don't give me credit, give you credit. No one can change your life but you. I will gladly help you find your path to happiness.

But to stay happy, we need to know our happiness can not depend upon anyone or any circumstance, if it does it can be taken away.

True happiness is being a person you love, it's not because of a person you love. There are millions of people out there, if I can not help you, thousands of others could step in and take my place. I pray daily to help others it's what makes me happy, it's why I am always filled with overflowing love, because I love and I feel the love, I feel God in my heart and I let him work through me, I pray that he will. You don't have to do this to be happy, everyone's happy comes from something, what's yours?

Lately, lots of people I see are always telling me they can see how happy I am, that I seem to glow. they often think it is because of Chad or my job going well. And, yes these things add to it, but they are not my happy really. My happy is from within, that's why it shines out. Chad is in my life because of that inner happy. He is a reflection of it. My work, everything, it's a reflection of the inside on the out. You see what you give. THIS IS THE TRUE REASON of happiness. It's taking responsibility for your world. It's taking responsibility for how you let your lover treat you, for how they treat you is a reflection of you. Once you take responsibility for everything, yes everything, your marriage, your life, your job, you understand the complete control you truly have. Even if your mate treats you horrible, it's not their fault it's yours. You have the power to make the life you want. Your fear and ego keep you unhappy, not one thing someone else does can ever dampen your true happiness. True happiness has nothing to do with circumstances or money or other people. It's not how others act its how you react, that is when unshakable faith and happiness happens. Because you can never control another person, not even your children and if you try to make them make you happy, or if you think a person or circumstance is what is making you happy, you will always end up unhappy. Everything on the outside will constantly change, we can not control them,  things seem good and bad, because we label them, stop the labeling, stop the sadness. It is the only thing you can control, how you react and what you think about. If you are sad, a pill may temporarily solve it, but controlling the thoughts will cure it.  

May you shine your inner happiness on to the world, Namaste my friends.

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