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Thinking will not increase your power of thought.

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on September 3, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Most people know how strongly I believe it the power of thought, but thought should not be confused with thinking.

Power of thought controls how we react to things, how we 'think' about things and where our lives go. As many of you know I have been trying to master thought. And through thought, I have made many positive physical and mental changes in my life.

I believe in the power of thought, I believe it can change anything, but you have to believe it to make it happen for you.

Thinking is completely different story. With thinking we are trying to solve. There's worry and solutions and plans. Thinking of a problem rarely solves it, it prolongs the problem, it creates and complicates the problem and as we constantly think about the problem it can become our lives.

Power of thought, controls worry. Nothing can control our lives but our thoughts about what is happening, you do not need to solve all of your problems, you only need to solve the way you think about your problems and magically all of your problems disappear.

Scientifically proven, thoughts have vibrations and those vibrations, because of the law of attraction, will attract more of the same vibration.

If you make everything a problem by thinking it's a problem, you will by the law of nature attract more problems.

Life is constantly moving, constantly changing, it is up and down and back and forth. This is not a problem, the problem is you think this is a problem.

We need times of being broke, if you are never broke you will never appreciate money. We need bad relationships so we know when we have a good one. We need sick to know well. We need the experiences and as long as we fight and stress about experiences we will suffer.

You can end all suffering right this very second. You end it not by solving your problems or changing or getting others to change but by being ok with who each of us are. You get it by completely accepting the circumstances and realizing this too will pass. This is the power of thought, it's accepting all things. Following your heart not your mind.

In thinking you will try to figure out what others are thinking and feeling, you will decide how life should be and suffer because it isn't that way. Thinking will lead you deeper into your head not your heart.

If you are suffering, if you are unhappy, depressed, even if you are sick, you can end it this very minute, you can become free and happy, quiet your mind, stop wishing and thinking life should be different. This is how it is, make the most of it and as you do, as you stop thinking everything is wrong, it will become right, your vibration will attract more right. Stop fighting your life, love it, own it, take charge of it, not by thinking, analyzing and planning, but by quietly accepting, graciously giving and always ALWAYS finding things to be thankful for.

Namaste my friends, may you each find happiness and peace.

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