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Oct 25, 2018 High Springs, FL

Posted by Chantelle Hosner on October 25, 2018 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)
High Springs, FL has the old south feel. I love all the moss hanging in the giant old trees. There's a lot to do around here, both nature and shopping at all sorts of cute little shops, there's also big shopping places and dollar stores. We stopped at a fruit market that sold all kinds of crazy jams. Including Mountain Dew and Coke and Pepsi, along with many other crazy concoctions. I got strawberry. I know, boring. There are a lot of Springs in a very short drive from our campground, which I love! The price isn't super cheap but it's in the low end from what we've been seeing, with a lot of amenities. High Springs Campground is not far from town, just off I75 and feels like we are off in the woods. They have large bathrooms with really nice showers, and lots of places to set your stuff down and hooks to hang it up. There's a nice clean outdoor pool. And a real friendly lady, named Brenda, driving a golf cart around and helping with everything and willing to answer all our questions. There's laundry and good wifi. We can have a campfire, which I'm finding out isn't always the case. They also sell wood for $3 a bundle. I would definetly, bring my family back here. But, would prefer warmer months. I have to be pretty hot to jump into a 72 degree spring! Today we visited Poe Spring, so beautiful and we had it completely to ourselves. The turtles were awesome, you could see them running and swimming, (very fast!) across the bottom. Some of them were giant. Poe Springs is a free park, its very nice kept. But, only open Thursday-Sunday. It had some mixed reviews because people drove very far without realizing it wouldn't be open. It was a short, easy walk back to the spring. Which only holds 100 people. But it is connected to the river, you couldn't see the bottom of the river though! I wouldn't swim in it. They have a lot of pavilions and a really nice playground. The path is all paved and then deck like. I loved it here. I waded but didn't swim. It seemed warmer then the other springs we visited.