Readings By Chantelle

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People often wonder how I got started. At the time, I never had a reading, never met a reader and didn't have any real interest in readings, but I did frequent the library. I was at the library and found a palm reading book by Peter West. I picked it up and the first page I looked at showed a mark I clearly had on my hand and it said it was the mark of a palm reader. I took the book home and within a couple of weeks I was reading palms. I just understood it, the lines make perfect sense to me.

I told my husband I was going to get a job as a palm reader and of course he was like, "Where are you going to do that?" I had no idea. But I thought getting a costume would be a good place to start and went to Camile's Costume Shop. The person at the shop directed me to a new place that just opened called Gypsies. I was hired on the spot and stayed at Gypsies for about 8 years. Now, I work online and by text I also travel and do parties and meet people all over the world through my Etsy store.

I never dreamed that picking up a book could change my life so much. Over the years I have grown so much as a reader and person. Was it fate? Yes, could it have been different? Definitely. But as with all fate it was choice that made the real difference. I chose to take the book home. I chose to read it and then I chose to do it.