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You hold the key to happiness in the palm of your hands. The lines of your palm are like a road map and reading the map can help lead you to success.

Holly Renaissance Festival. Chantelle works in Life Lines Palmistry booth.

Chantelle Hosner was Bay City, MI's first licensed palm reader.

It's true! Our happiness is in our hands alone. If our partner, friends and family is not what we expect them to be, it doesn't make them wrong. It makes them, them. When you expect nothing from anyone, you get the world. When you expect anything from anyone, you get disappointment.

Online readings options:
$30.00 Palm or Tarot or Cards of Destiny Reading. Very detailed, I make sure to answer all your questions and do not time readings.
$45.00 Picture feedback palm reading. Along with your reading I include marked up pictures to show you what I am seeing.  Clients are loving this new option. 
$10.00 Quick question tarot. 1 question with a nine card spread answer and one follow up question. 
Please use the link and choose your price option.

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 Online palm readings have been tremendously successful. With just a picture of your dominant hand and your age, I can do a complete palm reading online. Emailed/text readings are a great way to keep a record of everything we discuss. I also do online Cards of Destiny and tarot.


I love doing parties! Host gets free readings! Guest receive discount prices.

Relationships show up as secondary lines. This lines can be timed and the appearance of the line can show us quality of the relationships.

It is amazing the information that can show up on your hands.

One of the most intriguing things about our palms is that they change. Absolutely nothing is written in stone and our lines are proof of that.

When you make real changes, you can watch lines disappear or appear, change shape, color and depth.

During a reading, I will point out these marks and show you what you can watch for as you make the changes you decide you need in order to create the future you desire.

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